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VTP- Fullservice for your success

VTP does not only deliver ready-to-use products, our team also wants to help you with innovative products to stay on top of your market.

Being successful and winners at the market nowadays are only those companies which are the first ones in the field of development, new market products and production, to keep up with their competitors.
Therefore it is very important for your company to see for saving costs and work with high valued quality products.

The outsourcing of development can be a decisive step for this success. You not only gain expensive time, and avoid time intense internal bottlenecks, but keep a clear cost potential, VTP watches your points of interest and develops products for you to be the winner…


Project control:   We know how important it is for you to stay in charge. Therefore we make sure that you are always informed about the level of development.
Experience   According to our experience either within the field of sturdy industrial design as well as in most modern automobile databus technology - with VTP you will get your favorite quality product and that will bring you satisfied clients.
Price consciousness
  Already in the early phase of brainstorming we see to how and where you can save costs in the area of construction and with the product itself.
Innovative solution
  With innovative ideas we make sure you will have advantages within the competition where you can set new measurements.
Adherence to Schedules   We know how important your time is. Therefore being on time is our highest priority.
Serial Aptitude   For you being able to start out with your product right after the development we already pay highest attention to best quality standards and manufacturing raked design during the planning of the project.
Cost Control:   For a transparent structure of information you always know exactly how much you have invested into your project. We want you to have a complete cost control.