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VTP develops and produces solutions to improve the market value of your products and services.
Your satisfaction and the high quality standards of our products are the value at the top of our products are the values at the top of our priorities list.
Our in-house development makes it possible for us to offer great flexibility and ensure meeting our customers needs and quality demands.
Accordingly, VTP has successfully ensured these standards for customer all over the world. Simply tell us how we could help you to meet your demands.


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A+S Aktuatorik und Sensorik
Franz Wienholz Str. 40
D - 17291  Prenzlau



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We would like to recommend a visit to our websites at www.aktuatorikundsensorik.com and www.veinland.net/en.html , to see also
further products from our production.

We would be pleased to help should you wish to consult us.

VEINLAND acquires A+S Aktuatorik und Sensorik
With effect from 1st of November 2017, VEINLAND GmbH has taken over the entire product  portfolio of
 A+S Aktuatorik und Sensorik GmbH and will continue to develop and expand it.

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